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Link the land

The particularity of Amarone wine is to select the grapes before the harvest and to make the grapes dryed before they become wine.
The project of the guided tour starts from vineyards, place of excellence of man’s work. Through a pedestrian walkway the existent link between human activity and production process is restored entering in the wine cellar, inside the telescope, where the museum gives a look to the wine making process and another one to the land around.
The purpose is to preserve the several parts of the wine cellar, redistributing the internal spaces without forgetting the production needs and thinking to the external skins, using wood and stone, which they envelop, conform and characterize the preesistence. Wood and stone are traditional materials, thinking to the vines which are born from clay soil and to the barrels which invade the surrounding area.

Team: Spiopapa
Arch. Roberto Currado
Arch. Alice Destefanis
Arch. Simone Modica
Arch. Luca Paseri
Arch. Silvana Pellerino

Excellence of man’s work

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